South Jersey Publishing is a company that represents local authors in their attempt to successfully launch their writing projects. We expect the company website to be fully operational by May 2015 and we expect to begin accepting clients on a limited first come first serve basis from that time forward. The company will zero in on the self-publishing business and formulate reasonable budgeting procedures for prospective authors.

Our total focus is on how to get your project to the market place without going broke or without being ripped off by brick and mortar publishing companies. We are an advisory tool for all writers, young and old, and offer a promotional outlet once a book is published or is in the works. In the next couple of months, we will have a short booklet available that will outline the pitfalls awaiting writers and how to best avoid them. We sincerely hope this company will be a valuable resource for all our local authors.

As a service to writers, we also provide some really great resources that can aid in cutting costs (and aggravation) before submitting a manuscript to a publisher. You can find these by clicking the Resources link below. Our Blog will spotlight an author every month, as well as featuring articles helpful to prospective self-publishers and other writers. Our Calendar page will feature Suthor book-signing and appearance dates and locations, as well as any important events for SJP Members. Please feel free to contact us using our Contact page or posting a message on our Forum.