Dear Fellow Writers:

Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to briefly introduce you to our company, tell you how and why we were formed and explain what our function will be to you the writer.

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am a fellow writer of three fiction novels. My recent experience with brick and mortar publishing houses, as well as self publishing companies, has motivated me to undertake this endeavor. As you peruse our materials you will find no mention of any company with which I have had any professional dealings.

I do not believe that I have been mistreated by any of the companies. That does not mean that I am satisfied with the services offered to me by any of them. I just chalked my problems up to my inexperience and some hazy marketing material presented by several of the companies. Slick marketing and the lack of any direct communication with representatives of these companies led me down a long, frustrating, expensive road in the misguided effort to get my hard work into print and in front of the reader.

What you will find on our site will be interaction with other writers, an opportunity to market your work on our site and valuable insight into the dark, gloomy world known as self publishing. Also, we will be available to consult with you on determining how to get your work out to the reading public without going broke or losing your mind in the process.

You will find a publication on this site for sale chronicling my journey through the murky waters of publishing my work. There will be a small fee for this publication, as I, just like you, would like to get paid for my many hours slumped over a key board hammering out a game plan to outline “How To: Get Your Book To the Reader Without Going Broke.”

Our goal here at South Jersey Publishing will be to develop a platform where writers will have a forum to discuss their words and projects. We also want to help you get into print with a suitable budget and an affordable plan to make your ambition a reality. Finally, we want to establish an alternative plan for you the writer to get your words to the reader.

We are a fledgling endeavor and we hope you will bear with us during our initial organizational period. You will find what we have to say relevant and helpful as you plow forward from writer to accomplished author. I hope the next Ernest Hemmingway is out there reading our materials and I believe we can load your wagon with plenty of grist for thought.

Thank you for joining us and enjoy your new favorite site!

                                                                              South Jersey Publishing