January 16, 2015
Spotlight Author of the Month: Bill Kinney AUTHOR'S WEBSITE

BILL KINNEY was born in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania. He attended and graduated Luzerne County Community College and followed up with 2 years at Kings College in Wilkes Barre, PA. He obtained a degree in History and Education from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Bill and his wife Regina have been married for 38 years and have resided in Cape May County, NJ for over 30 Years.

Newest Books and Works In Progress CENTER MASS is Bill's first published work. As our Featured New Release, it is the first book of a trilogy featuring Bill Nash, the sometimes cop, manager, teacher, trainer and legal hit man. Bill's works in progress include: The Black Knight, The Blue Line and an exciting new book featuring Bill Nash's Civil War ancestor and the Battle of Gettysburg. He is also authoring our upcoming featured booklet on "How To Self-Publish Without Going Broke".

"I just finished Bill Kinney's "Center Mass",and he's right; it's no Steinbeck, but only because Steinbeck wouldn't have had the guts or the stamina to write a full-bore thriller like this one (just ask Ginny). Bill takes the polite conventions of classical literature and tosses them right into the garbage disposal, and out spews non-stop action, mayhem and gore. This book has it all: beer, guns, violence, and a posse of women who will scrape brains off the wall in one scene and grill tube steaks and CBA burgers for the men in blue lounging on the front porch in the next. It even has the tattered remains of the Red Menace ready to bury you and have your children live under Communism. If you happen to have a connection to the mythical Wyoming Valley wherein Bill locates a good bit of the story,then you'll be treated to a serious glut of nostagia in the bargain. Anyone who gets past page 42 will not be able to put this down, and anyone who reads to the end will be left wanting more. I have no Gibbons here in Upstate NY, but I was lucky enough to find a Stegmaier in the fridge. Good thing because after that I need a drink."
-- Jim Strickland, Gloversville, NY

"Action-packed fun reading for adults! New author Bill Kinney has mixed action, grit, comedy, love, and intrigue into his debut novel. I know the author personally, and when I say the story comes from his heart and soul, I mean it. I feel like I'm in the same room with Bill, listening to the story as he relates it. I can't wait to read the sequel!"
-- Daniel Pard, Author, Frederick, MD

"You have a terrific writing style. I can tell that you have done much planning and preparation in crafting your work – especially the way you have thought out the characters and movement that happens in the story. This is not an easy feat. Your prose is very nicely written with details that capture the reader. Right from the start your plot was very engaging and I found myself really connected with what was going on. It is easy to have too much going on too soon – not in your case. Your plot is slow and methodical and you use your dialogue to move the plot along. With that being said, you really do a nice job of slowly making your way through the story with details and a certain voice (yours as the author) that allows your reader to really interact with the characters (who are all round and very nicely developed). Your characters are lifelike and I love it when I leave a story feeling like I know them. You have a realistic plot and to me that makes for an enjoyable story. You have crafted a quality piece of writing. Bravo!"
-- Lisa Buckley, Outskirts Press, Inc., Parker, CO

"I'm 18 chapters into Center Mass and can't put it down. For those of you that know Bill Kinney or have worked with him and have heard his hours of storytelling about his youth and hometown you must read this. This book has it all and it really feels like I'm having a beer with Big Bill listening to his stories. I love the fact he wrote it in the Bill Kinney way of storytelling and does not bore you like alot of authors. This thing comes in quick and just keeps going. Love it. Do yourself a favor and order it today."
-- Eric Acevedo, Mays Landing, NJ