• Center Mass - Bill Kinney

    Bill Nash's rock-steady world is turned on its side when he and his family just happen to become embroiled in a worldwide plot and a brutal murder.


  • Black Knight - Bill Kinney

    Still a work in progress, this prequel to CENTER MASS features Nash as a young cop, and leaves out none of the non-stop action, mayhem and gore you've come to expect from this series.


  • ELT the Super Dog - Dan Pard

    Ten year-old Ralph Eltison wants one thing . . . a dog. Elt (short for Ralph's last name) is everything Ralph wants in a dog. Little did he know that Elt would become so much more.


  • ASTYRIAN - Julia Atkins

    The first book in THE SONS OF LIGHT series is an epic fantasy with a completely original world and races based on the six elements: Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Work In Progress.